Sunday Salon 2-11-18

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Hello everyone!! I am back in Cleveland! Thank God.  Kentucky hates me. On Thursday the internets was down for hours and hours. I think I am addicted to the nets cause while it was dow I felt all anxious and everything.  It was horrible I kept telling myself that it was just the internets but OMG my anxiety level was dang high. I found out that I have a hotspot with my phone that I never knew about but it is limited to 5 GB a month and when you are a blogger you would be surprised how many GB  you burn through in a day

Then there was the fiasco with my kitten on the way back to Ohio. He meowed the whole 10 hours. Next time I am gonna get some kitty visceral. But we made it, and we are now in the dark Cleveland winter.


Scribed got rid of its credit system


OMG, this is the best news all week. I was growing on Scribd, and I was trying to decide what my three books and one radio book would be, and I went to see how many credits I had left, and THEY WERE NO CREDITS. I thought it was a fluke til I saw this blog post from Scribd. I cant tell you how happy this makes me. Bring on all the books and audiobooks!


New workout plan


So I am trying to up my Instagram game and was looking up accounts to comment on and flow, and I mean I admit I could use a bit on #fitinspo, so I was looking through that when I came across the insane transformations. I mean There would be people like ME now, and in a year they would be all fit and skinny, and I found out that all of them did this program. I looked at it and was all like take my money NOW… All of it. And I signed up for a year. I admit I did sign up for the vegan plan cause the trainer is Australian and she had Kangaroo meat on the menu, and I was like gross and clicked on Vegan.  So I have been doing it for a  week and.. I am dead. Seriously the workouts are TOUGH.  I am sore all over, and you only work one body part a week, but all are sore.  Time to get the Young Living Fit and active kit. What I most like about this is they hand you a meal plan and excursive program. I am the kind of person who is like just TELL me what to eat. I get design fatigue yo. I have liked all of the meals so far so so far so good.


Finally got back into a new routine


I explained my morning Routine here and guessed what I am finally back into my routine. The missing piece was the workout program, and I have found one I like and can do long term. The one I mentioned above, Sweat with Kayla. It never ends I saw people on Instagram on well 120 so I am guessing it just gets progressively harder and the weeks go by. You can do it either at home or the gym. I did last week at my parent’s house, and I DID get a kick-ass workout! So I am like this is something I can do ANYWHERE, so I signed up for a year ha. I am determined this year.


The new Justin Timberlake Album


Have you all heard it yet? It is PERFECT  for writing and blogging! Seriously I may just cancel my focus at will the  Justin Timberlake Album is THAT good. I have always liked him but this new album I have been listening to on repeat alllll week on Spotify.  I feel that that album, not his earlier work but that one album mAN




I have decided to try my hand at Listsy again. My photography skills are a lot better, and I am not as embarked to put my photos online anymore. So far so good. I am purplemoonmyst there too if you want to follow me!


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