Sunday Salon/Post July 15 2017

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I have to admit I feel kinda dumb. There were some books that I wanted to pre order. These are books that I want to keep so that I can refer to them as necessary. One such book is the Magnesium Miracle second edition. I thought you had to pay upfront, so I had it marked for later when my book budget resets. I then clicked on pre-order with one click cause I got itchy fingers and what do you know they do not charge your card until the book is released! I wish I had known that earlier. I am getting old. So yeah I preordered a bunch of books and added them to the proper budgets. I am still on the lookout for a budgeting app that I LIKE actually I would probably like Mint if I just sat down and educated myself on how to work the dang program.


I was in a bit of a funk this last week, so I went overboard with the library books again. I even got my mom’s library card so I could do more stuff on hold. I do not have a problem. I can quit anytime I want to. I just don’t want to. I dunno why but books make me feel better. The whole scrolling on overdrive and picking books out is a calming activity for me. At least I have something that calms me that won’t make me fat or kill me or both.

OHHHH GUESS WHAT Y’ALL I GOT APPROVED FOR THE MASK OF SHADOWS ON NetGalley!  That cheered me up a lot. I was in a bit of funk, and when I got THAT email I was all like yay!!! I can’t wait to read it!

I have been trying not to request tooo much cause my reading is still sporadic, and I can’t promise that I will have the book read and reviewed by the releases date. That is the whole point is to garner more press for a book. So I just go to the library instead.

I have been failing so bad at reading all the books this month. I  am still recovering from the Great Depressive episode, so maybe I should not be too hard on myself. I am doing better, but I still got a way to go before I am truly all the way fine,  know I will get there I just wish I could just hurry up and be happy but alas.

I only went to the gym once last week. I almost fainted on the treadmill, so I gave up the veganism. Ha. I am just doing good old fashioned weight watchers now. I lost 10 pounds last week, so I know when I follow the program it works wonders. I have been doing it online with professional therapy for my binge eating disorder. I will go back to meetings once I get back to a somewhat less disordered way of eating. Some people use crack..some people use food. I use food. And so I need more help than the people at weight watchers can give me. Don’t get me wrong I over weight watchers and plan to stick to it for the rest of my life but the cycles of binging and starving has got to stop so a therapist it is.

I have found out that I like to color. That is another calming activity for me. Need to go Hobby Lobby and get me some colored pencils. I also like to scrapbook, so I think I will get back into that. Used to have a shit ton of supplies but I got out of it.  I seriously need to make a trip to hobby lobby. Mom surprised me with a top of the line printer that prints out beautiful pictures.  It is murder on the ink though. Speaking of pictures I have been hinting that I want a DSLR for Christmas. I can always hope!



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4 responses to “Sunday Salon/Post July 15 2017

  1. I like coloring too! My hubby bought me some of those adult coloring books from the Dollar store of all places. I agree there is something calming about buying books. Good luck with the Weight Watchers.

  2. Ooh can’t to see your thoughts on Mask of Shadows, I’ve seen a lot of conflicting opinions and my brain is currently very confused about that book…. I considered requesting it myself but let’s just say me a sourcebooks have a bit of a spotty record…

    • Hillary

      HAHAH on the spotty record!! I know what you mean though but Mask of Shadows sounded right up my alley. We shall see though!