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Every time  I tell people that I am a ghostwriter I get blank stares and the inevitable questions but what do you DO all day? I have explained what I do all day more times than I can count. I thought why not make a nice little blog post and then I can just point people to it and they can see for themselves what it is that I do all day. And yes there are many times I work in my Pajamas. Try not to be toooo jealous!

A day in th elife as a #ghostwriter Hillary Nicole Roberst


4 am wake up and get caffeinated

I take this pre-workout supplement that makes me want to jump over tall buildings, but in reality, it makes my 280-pound ass sorta run. So it is worth it.


5 am head to the gym

Yes, I am one of those obnoxious people that are in the gym at 5 am. And I am not the only one either. My Planet Fitness is JUMPIN’ at 5 am. I feel tons better after I exercise. I am an anxious person, and I have a bona fide anxiety disorder so when I wake up, and I am all like AM I GONNA DIE TODAY?!? I good hard 2 hours long workout does something ( my Shrink said something to the effect that it releases feel-good chemicals) and I am no longer an anxious person with but a calm and collected Ghostwriter. I am trying out the BBG program at the moment. They are all like you can finish your work out in 28 mins. HAHAHAHAHAH my slow fat ass takes way more than 28 mins. I can’t deny that I get an excellent work out though.


7 am drag my ass back to my apartment and shower

I give it all I got in the gym. Which is how I have lost 50 pounds so far. There are some days (mostly) on leg days that I seriously worry that I won’t be able to make it back to my apartment on the next block. LOL, I have NOT made it back which makes me believe the old saying that your body is capable is far more than you mind thinks so you got to fight your natural inborn teensy to quit before you are done.

If I have nothing planned or scheduled for going out that day ( most likely I will stay in if it is in the depths of the Cleveland winters.. Damn it gets cold) THEN I change into clean pajamas. If I AM planning on going out ( more likely than not in the summer months) or I have video Chat Planned I would change into street clothes.


8 am Miracle Morning

Do the rest of the Miracle Morning.  I also do my morning pages at this time.The Miracle Morning has been LIFE CHANGING. Seriously if you haven’t read the book then go here and get yo’ self a copy. You will be a million times more productive and focused one you do. Since I am a writer, I also read the Miracle Morning for Writers, and I found it excellent too.


Around 10 am read my RSS feeds

I have about a million. I don’t get through them all, but for an hour or two, I like to read what I can. I mark the ones that I want to save for Smarter Queue with Pocket. I have a specific time during the week that I update smarter queue. I am a productivity nerd what did you expect?!


12 pm eat lunch

I am current on a fully vegan diet since I started BBG. I don’t trust people to tell me what meat to eat. I am all like Ewwww, so I opted for the vegan diet option.  One of the things I love about BBG so far is how easy their meals are to fix. You don’t need Chel like skills to make the meals in this program.


1 pm-8pm write

Write…write…write…. I focus best during this time. I know people who are all like writing during the wee hours in the morning, but I have never been at my intellectual best during that time. Even in College and Grad School, my professors noticed that after lunch my brain worked a hell of a lot better during these times so… I write in the afternoon into the night.


8pm-10pm read


Read.  Writers should always read so that they can see how different stories are put together and stuff. It is by reading a shit ton that you improve your writing that and the act of writing of course.


10 pm sleep

I know I know I only sleep for six hours a night, but I have Bipolar thus I have horrible insomnia, and I am just glad that I get THAT much sleep. I have known people with bipolar who have gone days without sleep, and they look crazier than that dude from the Shining.


So there you have it. That is what a typical day in my life is like.  Not to glamours but it suits me!


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