Ways I am going to Make the Rest of 2017 Rock

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I saw another blogger do this.  Start NOW then when the New Year rolls around you will already be in a routine, and your 2018 resolutions will stick! I thought this was a genius idea, so I am doing my version of it.


Exercise every day


Last year when I was exercising I felt soooo good. Then the holiday rolled around and well…  For the rest of this year, I am committing to exercising every day. Iknow some people like to do it just a few times a week I will only argue myself out of going if I did that. I will be like TODAY is an off day…evert day…so I am just gonna go every day and be done with it. Plus excessing does wonders for my self-esteem after a workout I always feel like I can move mountains and kick ass and I NEED that feeling to rock the rest of this year.


Stay on Weight Watchers


Even if I have a crappy eating day, I am not going just to give up and be all like well this lifestyle change is not changing anything. Sooner or later it will stick and then tracking will become a habit and not a pain in the ass like it is right now. I need to focus on progress, not perfection. I always feel if I mess up one day I get the rest of the week “free” I am like no if you mess up one day then just track and stay within your points for the rest of the week and don’t use any more weekly points.


Practice self-care.


This is something I have been neglecting. I wasn’t working most of all this year, and I just started back last month. I know I can’t cram a year worth of work into three months so I should just focus on making these the best three months as I can while at the same time implementing del-care prices. Like excessive and mediation and all of that stuff.


Write something every day


Writing is like anything else the more you do it, the better you get. I didn’t write much this year cause of my depressive episode. I am trying to get back in the habit like I had last year or before I got all sadface thankfully my writing is not horrendous or anything. It just takes a while to warm up. I used to be able to sit and write…write..write. Now it like stare at blank screen….types a few..words. Repeat. It was like when I went back to the gym after a year of not going. There was no me running on the treadmill for a min then doing a HIIT workout, nope, I was a huffing and a puffing for what seemed like the longest 20 minutes of my life. So  it is the same with writing. Gotta keep the writing muscles in shape.


Drink a gallon of water every day


I feel sooooo much better when I drink a gallon a day. I know that seems like a lot but for ME personally, I can tell a difference in energy and concentration levels when I drink that much water.  If I don’t drink water or as I am more likely to do to do own a gallon of diet coke instead i feel all fuzzy headed and tired. It is harder to get through my workouts and sometimes i even feel as if i am toeing the line of bona fide dehydration. That is NOT  fun feeling so I try to avoid it at all cost. I LOVE LaCroix and can blow through a whole case now in one day. I have recently discovered essential oils ( do me a favor and pllllease don’t just pick ANY oil  to drink. I only drink the ones in Young Living vitality line) the oils add some flavor to the water and best of all i can order me some little packets and take with me to restraints and stuff! I  am gonna wean myself off of my diet soda habit.


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2 responses to “Ways I am going to Make the Rest of 2017 Rock

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    That’s so awesome you’re getting a head start on your goals for 2018!😂 I love it. I looove writing but I can’t do it every day or I’d exhaust myself haha. But self-care is so important and I want to remember that next year (and this year?! eek) too because often I’m still working at 11pm and like…no Cait, you need to calm down.😂 Loved your post!

  2. Cait @ Paper Fury

    I love that you’re getting a start on 2018 goals!! Such a good idea.😂 And yes to more self-care! (I think we all need to work on that right?! Says me who often is still working at 11pm haah.) And writing a lot and keeping practising is so important. Although I can’t write everyday or I’d be exhausted hehe. Good luck with your goals!

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