What I am Reading July 19 2017

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I read two books last week. White Hot Truth and Sci-fi JR High. I loved both of them and reviews will be coming soon.

SuperBetter and the Whole 30 were books were recommended by my therapist. I am wary about trying yet ANOTHER diet, but since I am paying the lady money to help me, i promised I would keep an open mind. My therapist told me that with people who have disordered eating such as me Paleo had worked well. You take away everything that is good and what you are left with no one wants to eat that over anyway. I mean really who overeats a steak and veggies? BUUUUTTTTTT I am at the end of my rope diet wise soooo I am reading up on it and thinking about it. Superbetter is this game that is supposed to help you heal or get over traumatic life situations. I do not have a sad story to tell except I have bipolar, but the therapist said that is a tragic illness also. I had actually read SuperBeter when it first came out, so this will be a re read for me. I have meant to read Tools of Titans for months now, and this is the week I get around to it, damnit. I herd rave reviews on Dark Matter, and I seem to be on a sci-fi kick for some reason.

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5 responses to “What I am Reading July 19 2017

  1. Susie | Novel Visits

    I did Whole 30 last year more as a cleanse than anything else. It was really hard the first 10 days and then not so bad until the last couple. Lots of chopping and food prep. For me no alcohol was the worst. Just a little glass of wine at night would have been so nice! Good luck.

  2. Kathy Martin

    Interesting assortment of books. I am a science fiction fan. Dark Matter is on my radar but not yet on my reading stack. Come see my week here. Happy reading!